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kitePhone: 02 9779 9999
Fax: 02 9779 9998
Postal Address: PO Box 386, Summer Hill NSW 2130
Office Address: Level 1, 1 Sloane Street, Summer Hill NSW 2130

NSW FDC Association

Chief Executive Officer: Anita Jovanovski
Personal Assistant to the CEO: Elizabeth Carrasco
HR: Denise McKay
Accounts/Administration: Jenny Hoang
Accounts Assistant: Kate Tran
Membership and Communications Officer: Magda Jansen

Professional Services

Chief Executive Officer: Anita Jovanovski
Facilitator and Administrator: Wendy Thompson
Support Officer: Nadelle Krayem
Administrator: Rebecca D’Apice

PEAK Training

Chief Executive Officer: Anita Jovanovski
Administration Support: Kathy Nguyen
Student Support: Jo Krabman
Student Support: Nicky Lewis

NSW In Home Care Services

Chief Executive Officer: Anita Jovanovski
Manager: Maria Fazio
In-Home Education and Family Facilitator: Cristina Scarcella
Administration Support: Dusanka Romic
Administration Support: Marissa Black
Administration Support: Anne Bentley

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