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The National Quality Framework has been progressively phased in from 1 January 2012 with final changes to ratios and qualifications made 1 January 2014 for Family Day Care. The Australian Government has provided supporting documentation for use by services in understanding the National Quality Framework.

For further information visit the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority at:

Existing services will have at least four months from January 2012 to develop their Quality Improvement Plan. First assessment visits will not commence until June 2012.

When did the ratios change?

From 1 January 2014 Educators must not care for more than 7 children. This includes no more than 4 children under school aged and also includes the Educators own children if they are not being cared for by another adult.

When does a child cease being a child under school age?

Under the transitional arrangements in NSW a child is considered school aged when he/she commences school. This will change in January 2014.

How often does anaphylaxis and asthma training need to be completed?

The ACECQA website states that approved anaphylaxis training and approved asthma training must be updated at least every three years.

Does a certified supervisor need to have Child Protection Training?

If a certified supervisor accepts the responsibility of day to day charge of the FDC service they are required to have completed an approved course in Child Protection.

A person who holds a certified supervisor certificate can refuse to accept being placed in day to day charge of the FDC service – therefore would not be required to have completed an approved course in Child Protection.

What Child Protection courses are required?

The Child Protection Courses that have been approved are:

  • CHCCHILD1B or CHCCHILD1C delivered by TAFE or RTO
  • CHCCHILD401A delivered by TAFE or RTO
  • 3294G delivered by TAFE only
  • CHCCHILD2 delivered by TAFE only
  • Combination of 3290K and 3292P delivered by TAFE only

The competency Making a difference is also recognized as an approved course if it was completed before 1 October 2004 and the person was an authorized
supervisor at the time.

A person who has already completed one of these approved courses is not required to update their training.

Relief Educators

The National Regulations do not refer to a FDC relief educator but there is nothing in the law or Regulations to prevent a FDC educator from relieving another FDC educator from educating and caring for children in a FDC residence. However, the Relief Educator would need to be over 18 years of age and have a current working with children check, be registered with the FDC service, meet the first aid qualifications and training requirements set out in regulation 136 and meet the minimum qualification requirements set out in regulation 127. The National Regulations (regulation 144) allow a FDC educator assistant to educate and care for children in the absence of the FDC educator in very limited circumstances.

Is parental permission required every time an Educational Assistant is used including emergencies.


Family Day Care Services are required to have policies related to emergencies and if an incident occurred and the Educator Assistant stepped in to assist these policies would need to be followed to ensure the safety of the children eg: parents would be notified as soon as possible.

Are there any insurance implications in using Educator Assistants?

You are advised to contact your insurance provider.

Can an Educator Assistant be attached to more than one Educator?

The National regulations do not prevent an assistant from assisting more than one educator, provided that all of those educators provide written consent of parents in accordance with Regulation 144 (3).

How is it proved that an educator is “actively working towards” their certificate III?

You will require some evidence from the RTO that shows progression.

Can a service have more than one Educational Leader eg: what happens if that person is on leave?

A provider could designate a new Educational Leader if the existing Educational Leader goes on leave.

I would like advice on qualifications

ACECQA has published a list of current and previously accepted educator qualifications. ACECQA are also developing a policy on the assessment of equivalent qualifications which will also be added to their website.

Do FDC Educators need to keep copies of children’s enrolment and attendance records?

Regulation178 states children’s enrolment and attendance records as set out in regulation 159 are to be kept by family day care educators. The Guide to the National Regulations and Law page 117 also says the FDC Educator is responsible for keeping Child Attendance and Child Enrolment records until the end of 3 years after the record was made.

There is no mention of Fire Equipment in the new Regulations. What should we do?

Regulation 168 and 97 state:

Risk assessment is conducted to identify potential emergencies relevant to the service

Policies have to be in place in relation to health and safety

National Standard 2.3.3 states:

Educators and coordinators have ready access to emergency equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets. Evidence that emergency equipment is tested by recognized authorities

Are there any insurance implications?

Contact your insurance company for details.

Where can I find further information?

Fact sheets, information, updates and relevant documents can be found on the ACECQA website

Do Educators need to display the same information as the main FDC office?


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