The Benefits

Registered Educators with the NSW In-Home Child Care Services earn an income as independant contractors caring for children in the child’s own home.

Registered Educators are expected to provide a high standard of child care and to adhere to the policies and procedures of the service. They are warm, energetic and sensitive to the needs of families.

Families approach the IHCSP to obtain child care and enter into an agreement with NSWIHCS/IHCSP for the provision of that child care.

Educators (through a sub-contractural agreement with NSWIHCS) provide the care to the children of the parents concerned.

Part of the Educators’s role is to provide the children with a variety of age appropriate activities that encourage the development of life skills.

Staff of the IHCSP will visit the family home while care is taking place to assess the standard of care and to support the family and Educators.

In-Home Educators are not expected to perform housekeeping duties other than those associated with the care of the children. Extra duties will only be undertaken by agreement between Family and Educators and must not interfere with the provision of child care.

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