Rebecca’s Story

My husband and I discovered that we were about to become the lucky parents of triplets when I was 8 weeks pregnant. We were very surprised to say the least! The first thought that ran through my mind was …. How on earth can I possibly look after three new born babies? For starters I only have two arms!

After recovering from the initial shock, I began to look into different forms of care and help available. However, it was my mother, who suggested looking into the possibility of using In-Home Care. It was a desirable option as I would be provided with a child care educator to assist me in my home environment. I thought that In –Home Care was preferable to other forms of care available as it would allow us to establish a routine to nurture the early development of our baby girls in our home and relieve some of the stress associated with raising triplets.

Once we discovered that, because we had triplets, we were eligible for In-Home Care through NSW Family Day Care Association the process of choosing and training our carer was simple. Our beautiful, triplet girls Emily, Lilly and Chloe were born on the 30th of March 2011.

Our gorgeous, Irish child care educator has started and we are thrilled, she is gentle and kind and the babies love it when she sings them Irish lullabies. Her supervisor, Kath, from Ashfield Infant’s Home visits us and she is a great resource and mentor for both Dilly (our child care educator) and us as new parents.

Feeding and bathing time is still a challenge at but with the extra pair of hands much less stressful hence, we have relaxed and happy babies.

We cannot thank Maria and all the staff at NSW In-Home Care enough for all of their support. We are very lucky to be part of this wonderful service.

Rebecca and Brent Gasper – Parents of Emily, Lilly and Chloe (6 weeks old).

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