The Process

housesCompleted application sent to local In-Home Child Care Service Provider.

The application and eligibility will be assessed by the In-Home Child Care Service Provider and the NSWIHCS Brokerage as per the 2008 Interim Standards for In Home Care (Funding Agreement Requirements of The Australian Government Department of Education)

  1. Where eligible and depending on Educator availability.
  2. A time to visit the home be arranged.
  3. Home safety procedures discussed.
  4. Best Practices discussed.
  5. Utilising the NSWIHCS Family Booklet topics covered include:
    – NSWIHCS Policies
    – Administration of CCB/CCR
    – Educator interviews
    – Health and safety
  6. Once registered, contact NSWIHCS for your website area access code.
  7. Care commences.

An Information and Application Booklet is available by calling NSW In-Home Child Care Services on 02 9779 9999 or contacting your local Service Provider in your area

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