The Process

housesCompleted application sent to local In-Home Child care Service Provider.

The application and eligibility will be assessed by the In-Home Childcare Service Provider and the NSWIHCS Brokerage:

  1. Where eligible and depending on Educator availability.
  2. A time to visit the home be arranged.
  3. Home safety procedures discussed.
  4. Best Practices discussed.
  5. Utilising the NSWIHCS Family Booklet topics covered include:
    - NSWIHCS Policies
    - Administration of CCB
    - Educator interviews
    - Health and safety
  6. Once registered, NSWIHCS will send you your wesite area access code.
  7. Care commences.

An Information and Application Booklet is available by calling NSW In-Home Childcare Services on 1300 795 401 or contacting your local Service Provider.

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