Exploring the NQS for Family Day Care Educators

This new 7-part series is an in-depth and practical exploration of the National Quality Standard’s seven Quality Areas. We explore the unique ways in which Family Day Care Educators across Australia can excel in each of these quality areas. Regardless of whether you are new to Family Day Care or an experienced Educator, this series will leave you feeling inspired and confident to achieve greatness. With a range of accomplished guest presenters and well-known industry experts, this will be an educational and eye-opening experience not to be missed!


When Family Day Care Educators are attuned to children’s feelings and provide positive interactions, children develop confidence, feel safe, respected and valued. This plays a crucial role in healthy brain development. (EYLF, V.2, 2022).
Children’s behaviour can be challenging, particularly when some educators are juggling the needs of their own children.
In this practical session, we will be stripping it all back and looking at the heart of why we do what we do. Connecting again to our most important responsibility of building relationships with children.
Educators will identify possible triggers for challenging behaviours, reflect on the value of positive interactions and discuss strategies to promote children’s agency and self-regulation.

Louise has worked in the early year’s profession for almost 40 years in a variety of roles including an Approved Provider for a Family Day Care (FDC) service.  She is the author of 3 FDC Business Manuals and informs the Victorian Department of Education and Training on FDC matters. Louise has a Master of Education and is currently mentoring Postgraduate Early Childhood students at Melbourne University.  (MEd, BTeach, Dip SSc).




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