Information for Families

In Home Care is a special type of education and care for families that are excluded from family day care or centre based day care because of their family’s specific needs. In Home Care provides an educator to care for children in the children’s own home for families:

  • with challenging or complex needs (such as disability or serious illness of family member)
  • who are geographically isolated from other types of childcare
  • who work non-standard hours.


Challenging or complex needs mean:

  • a child with additional needs or a disability whose early childhood education and care requirements cannot be catered for in another approved child care setting, or through other government funded or community-based services
  • a family where a parent is undergoing treatment for a serious illness
  • other complex family situations that prevent families from accessing other approved child care types.
A woman and girl of toddler age lay on their fronts on the floor, smiling at each other and enjoying a play activity together. The toddler holds a pencil and there is paper on the floor in front of them.

“Feeding and bathing time is still a challenge but with an extra pair of hands it’s much less stressful, hence, we have relaxed and happy babies. We are very lucky to be part of this wonderful service.”

Rebecca and Brent Gasper – Parents of triplet girls Emily, Lilly and Chloe

How much does In Home Care cost?

Families using In Home Care are usually eligible for the Australian Government’s Child Care Subsidy. The Child Care Subsidy is paid directly to In Home Care service providers to reduce the cost to families of having an educator in the home. The amount of Child Care Subsidy is determined by the family’s income. Families in special need may be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy.

How much care can a family receive?

A family can use In Home Care for a few days a week or every day, depending upon what they need (and what they can afford).

Each In Home Care educator can care for up to 5 children from the one family. (If the family has more children a second educator can be engaged.)

The Process

Families wanting to apply for In Home Care need to apply through the In Home Care Support Agency, who will determine eligibility refer you to a service provider.

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