Exploring the NQS for Family Day Care Educators


Product Description

This new 7-part series is an in-depth and practical exploration of the National Quality Standard’s seven Quality Areas. We explore the unique ways in which Family Day Care Educators across Australia can excel in each of these quality areas. Regardless of whether you are new to Family Day Care or an experienced Educator, this series will leave you feeling inspired and confident to achieve greatness. With a range of accomplished guest presenters and well-known industry experts, this will be an educational and eye-opening experience not to be missed!

SESSION ONE: Quality Area One – Educational Program and Practice

Our first session will be presented by the wonderful Dr Red Ruby Scarlet. With over 25 years’ experience in Early Childhood, Red Ruby enlightens us on just how great our Family Day Care programs can be, and how we can take our everyday practice to exciting places! We will also be joined by an inspirational Family Day Care Educator who will demonstrate how they achieve high quality practice in this area.


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