The special webinar in the PD In Your Pocket program, ‘COVID-19 information for FDC Educators’ is here for you to watch or listen to, as well as the reading guide that accompanies the webinar.


Additional information about COVID-19 for Family Day Care Educators, in response to questions provided during the webinar, including face masks, COVID tests, sign ins, vaccines, allowable absences, government financial help, and support for families.


The webinar session on COVID-19 information for FDC Educators, presented by Elizabeth Go, can be watched as a video or listened as a podcast recording from your phone, iPad or computer.


Jan Fizzell (Senior Medical Advisor, NSW Health), interviewed by Lisa Bryant (early education consultant). This can be watched as a video from your phone, iPad or computer.


An extensive reading guide as a supplement to the webinar, containing resources for those who are new to the concept of culture and diversity in Family Day Care, and those in the sector who are more experienced and are looking for more in-depth material.

This program has been funded through the NSW Government’s Sector Development Program.