Sample Pages


Educator Resource.

You’ll see one element per double spread.

On the left page you’ll find:

  • Quality Area descriptor
  • Standard
  • Standard descriptor
  • Element concept
  • Element descriptor
  • A ‘What are we aiming for’ section, adapted from the initial National Quality Standard Assessment and Rating Instrument

On the right page you’ll find:

  • Each one of the 7 Quality Areas is a different colour.
  • Examples of things the assessor might see,
    what the educator could talk about (say), and what to show the assessor to make clear that you are meeting or exceeding the National Quality Standard.
  • The appropriate section(s) of the Law and the Regulation(s)
  • Curriculum Frameworks headings show what parts of these documents impact on this element
What to see say and show cover

Here are some sample pages of the WHAT TO SEE, SAY AND SHOW Resource.

QA1 Element 1.2.1: left page

QA1 Element 1.2.1: right page

QA3 Element 3.2.2: left page

QA3 Element 3.2.2: right page

QA5 Element 5.2.1: left page

QA5 Element 5.2.1: right page


NSW Family Day Care Association has updated its most popular Family Day Care educator resource ‘What to See, Say and Show’ .

It has been updated with:

  • NQF changes
  • New photos
  • Easy to read lay-out
  • Portrait format

This resource reflects the updated Guide to the National Quality Framework.

600 page Guide => 80 page resource

especially for educators:

  • user friendly
  • practical tips
  • examples
  • easy to understand language
  • feeling prepared for the A&R visit
  • links to EYLF, MTOP and Regs & Law


The ‘What to See, Say and Show’ Educator Resource links the all the 40 elements of the National Quality Standard to the questions, What would I see?What would I say?What would I show?, the National Law and Regulations and the EYLF/MTOP outcomes. This is the perfect way for educators to prepare for that assessment and rating visit. Think about a particular element each day. And find out what could you see, say or show about that element, using the examples in this resource as a starting point.

“I truly believe this is a fabulous resource which contributed to our scheme being rated Exceeding” Janice, Centre Director, Cumberland Council Family Day Care

“Thanks for providing such great resources.” Kirsten, educator QLD

“Thanks so much. It’s a GREAT resource; I’m going to convince my Manager to get one for our Resource Library too :)” Jo, Resource and Referral Officer Communicare WA

“I was so excited to return to work today and find the ‘What to See, Say and Show’ resource books. These books will be very beneficial for our educators and staff.” Janice, Centre Director, Cumberland Council Family Day Care

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Non-member price: $55

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If you have any questions about the Family Day Care Educator Resource, please email us via or call us on 02 9779 9999.

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