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A Family Day Care Scheme is a network of experienced and registered educators who provide care for other people’s children in their own homes. Educators have been carefully selected and supervised, and operate under the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Educators and Coordination Units are accessed and rated against the National Quality Standard to ensure quality and continuous improvement. Children aged between the age of 6 weeks and 12 years are nurtured in a small group setting and through the Educators individualised programming, are encouraged to further develop their skills and knowledge.

For further information on any Family Day Care Co-Ordination Unit within NSW, please call us on freecall: 1800 157 818, press ’2′ and ask to speak to a Project Worker.


Official Opening photos

All photos by NSWFDCA and Inner West Courier. If you would like a high res copy of any of the photos please contact Magda via magdaj@nswfdc.org.au

Eeny meeny miny moe, which child will have to go?

NSW Family Day Care Association is continuing the Family Day Care ratio change campaign.







This is a video clip celebrating everything that is unique about Family Day Care and urgently asking to keep the ratio 1:5 under school age for Family Day Care in NSW. Please share this video with as many people as you can.

The NSW Family Day Care Association has also produced a poster to be signed by you and send to politicians. Please print sign and send the poster below to this contact list.

2014 Ratio Change petition

The NSW Family Day Care Association has liaised with an online petition targeted at state and federal members of parliament to postpone the ratio change for family day care for at least 2 years, until research has been carried out. You can sign this petition online. It only takes a minute!
With 10,000 signatures the issue will have to be debated in parliament. We have come so fare, let’s all help to reach our end goal.

Sign the petition

Family Day Care Insurance

NSW Family Day Care Association will be providing a new insurance option for family day care educators.


  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident for Children
  • Personal Accident for Educators

More information coming soon!

‘What to See, Say and Show’ Educator Resource
Our popular educator resource “What to See, Say and Show” is available again for members and non-members. More than 100 pages link the all the 58 elements of the National Quality Standard to the questions, What would I see, What would I say, What would I show and the EYLF outcomes.

‘What to See Say and Show’ Educator Resource – order form

Here are some sample pages form the resource:

Interested in our other resources? Check our resources page for all order forms.

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